About Me

I am Deborah and have been a dietitian and blogger since 2005.

Today, I live in Vancouver with my chief recipe taster and chef husband, Andreas.

My day job is as a freelance dietitian and lifestyle coach. I am available to hire or work with on a daily, full time or part time basis.

I love designing eating plans and creating delicious recipes that are completely person centered.

I love the challenge of coming up with the ideal recipe for someone who may be struggling with their diet, for whatever reasons. I can design plans to cater for many needs and medical conditions.

So if you’re a vegan celiac who is struggling to get enough protein, I can help. If you’re struggling to keep food down after an operation or illness, I can help. If you have so many medical complications and dietary needs that you literally don’t know what to eat, I can help.

I can design a recipe plan that will help you shed the pounds and still eat the things you love – in moderation.

But more than that, I can help you do something far more important than go on a diet. I can help you go on a journey – of discovery. Changing your lifestyle is the key to keeping the pounds off, or getting healthy.

I don’t deal in ‘diets’ but in changes.

Although change may seem daunting or even scary, to begin with, it can be achieved, with some gentle encouragement and even a bit of fun along the way.

Because dare I say it, life is short and far too precious to waste it not enjoying yourself. That starts with what you eat.

If it’s one thing I want to do, it is to get my clients to enjoy their food. Yes, their taste buds may have to go through a bit of re education – but once you are no longer accustomed to processed foods and in particular, an excess of sugar and salt, it really does become much easier.

Want to know more? Drop me a line and fill out the contact sheet today!